NIGER DELTA PEOPLE'S WORLD CONGRESS 

   The Niger Delta People's World Congress [NDP-WC] is a global socio-political advocacy group in the Diaspora based in New York, USA that advances the interests of the people of the Niger Delta region of Nigeria (the Petroleum Dome of Africa) from political marginalization and self-perpetuating oligarchy by the polyglot hegemony (Hausa/Fulani, Yoruba and Igbos); and, continuous exploration, exploitation, deprivation and environmental pollution by both Multi-Nationals and Trans-National oil companies.

   To create an awareness of 'piratical imperialism', ecological debt, resource control, self-determination Referendum, and seek solutions to the ecologically induced poverty, environmental degradation, and emisions of sulfur saturated hydro-carbons to the Ozone layer to shorten the Life span of the Niger Delta people.

   Furthermore, to enhance social equity, fundamental and universal Human Rights, and serve as an umbrella organization for all Niger Delta associations worldwide. Congress serves as the authentic voice of the Niger Delta people.

It is a successor to earlier movements such as Niger Delta World Congress.

                         Website: www.nigerdeltapeoplesworldcongress.org

The Founding members in 2012 that constituted the Board of Trustees [BoT] is as contained herein: 

1. Chief Mpaka Princewill - 347-898-1848 & 917-436-8826 [E-mail: CMP@NigerDeltaPeoplesWorldCongress.org; CMP@PrincewillProperties.Org; CMP@USAfricanchamber.org] - CHAIR 

2. Olorogun Aruegodore Oyiborhoro - 917-319-1981[Email:OlorogunOyiborhoro@NigerDeltaPeoplesWorldCongress.org; OVWA22@Aol.com] - VICE CHAIR / TREASURER

3. Dr. John Tebepah -917-940-6430 [E-mail:Dr.Tebepah@NigerDeltaPeoplesWorldCongress.org; johntebepah123@yahoo.com] - GENERAL SECRETARY/EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR 

4. Chief Sam Udofia - 703-200-3031 [E-mail: CSU@NigerDeltaPeoplesWorldCongress.org; SUdofia@Aol.com] - PROVOSTR.I.P: SUNRISE 1945 - SUNSET 2018!

5. Prof. Macleans Geo-JaJa - 801-232-3130 [E-mail:Prof.GeoJaja@NigerDeltaPeoplesWorldCongress.org; Geojaja@gmail.com] - WORLDWIDE COORDINATOR

6. Mr. Omasan Ofuya - 516-476-8955 [E-mail:Oma.Ofuya@NigerDeltaPeoplesWorldCongress.org; OOFUYA@Yahoo.com] - PUBLICITY SECRETARY/DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATION